1. Con’s of being a Ginger…

    It takes more anesthesia to numb a redhead. On average it takes about 20% more anesthesia to produce the same numbing effect on a redhead than, say, a brunette. This is caused by a genetic mutation that also causes the red pigment

    Gingerphobia. The fear of ginger or red haired people. Yes, sadly this is a real thing.

    Gingerism. Even more unfortunately, this is also a real word. This is defined as the bullying or prejudice of people with red hair. This was probably spurred mostly by a certain animated show that went viral a few years ago. (But we know people just tease us ‘cause they’re jealous.)

    Nicknames After a while being called a “Carrot top” or “Ginger” gets really old.

    Redheads are more likely to get stung by wasps or bees. Having been stung twice already in my life, I think I can say this is true.

    Most redheads have pale skin, which can lead to more sunburn. Just one word…OUCH!

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